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About Us

Protection Medical Center® is the only modern medical facility in Zakarpattya to offer a complex approach to the diagnosis of diseases utilizing Western-Standard and World-Class diagnostic equipment along with American-standard methodology of medical practice--which includes the recognition of the proper role of the spiritual dimension in healing.
In this Medical Center, the patient will experience friendly and caring personnel, who will assist the patient in planning medical assistance.
Even should the patient come to the Medical Center without a referral, he or she will gladly be directed to an appropriate and qualified specialist.
To serve the needs of both patients and visitors, Protection Café & Health Bar offers tasty dishes and refreshing drinks for your nourishment. The professional cooks can also provide uniquely crafted entrées for special health requirements.
Protection Medical Center’s cheerful and comfortable atmosphere will also contribute toward making a medical visit both pleasant and productive.

The staff of Protection Medical Center looks forward to being of assistance to you and is eager to earn your trust.